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Flange Gasket Surface Flatness Measuring InstrumentThe strength of the analog measuring instruments that exceeds 3D measurements

Innovative measuring instrument for measuring flanges and heat exchangers (pipe plate surfaces) and
for quantifying distortion and flatness enabling visual confirmation of the condition.
Demonstrates accurate support for inspections and measurements of products, as well as for repairs and replacement during operation.
Also aids in investigating the causes of trouble.
Lightweight, power free, and can be used in inclement weather. That was not possible with a 3D measuring instrument.
Allows you to make decisions based on JPI standards, JIS standards, and API standards.


  • Flange Standard Type S-2000

    ●Application : Shell flange
    ●Measurement range : Φ200mm - Φ2000mm

    Example of installation
  • Tube Plate Surface TP-1500

    ●Application : Tube bundle front/back
    ●Measurement range : Φ450mm - Φ1500mm

    Example of installation
  • Tube Plate Surface TP-2000

    ●Application : Tube bundle front/back
    ●Measurement range : Φ1000mm - Φ2000mm

    Example of installation
  • Partition Groove PG-1000, PG-1500, PG-2000

    ●Application :
    Tube bundle partition groove
    Channel cover partition plate
    ●Measurement range :

    Example of installation
  • RTJ Flange Measurement Set

    ●Applications : Groove on RTJ flange / Ring gasket

  • Dedicated Case

    ●Applications : Dedicated cases for various measuring instruments

The measuring instrument comes with a "inspection Certificate" and "inspection report".

We also have a comprehensive after-sales service system in place.