EST Co.,Ltd.

Totally respond to customer issues

We don’t just sell measuring instruments, but we also provide support and diagnosis when problems are found through measurement.
We also develop measuring instruments and other products according to customers' needs,
and we can work together with customers' to create their own instruments.
We will continue to develop better products and provide better services
with our spirit of challenge to the industry and various ideas based on our experience.

Our Business

  1. Business01
    Development, sales and rental of measuring instruments
    Development of non-standard measuring instruments and support for measurement on behalf of the company.

    In addition to sales and rentals of the "flange gasket surface flatness measuring instrument," we are able to develop non-standard measuring instruments. We also provide measurement services and support after purchase.

  2. Business02
    Development of equipment
    We develop equipment to meet customers' needs with advanced technology.

    We develop a variety of equipment to meet our customers' needs.

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  3. Business03

    We also perform actual on-site measurement work.
    The submission of data sheets that conform to global standards helps to provide various guidelines.

    [ Measurement Video ]

  4. Business04
    Welding repair works
    Integrated support from WPS creation to weld repair and testing.

    If a defect in the equipment is discovered through measurement, the boiler welder will prepare a WPS (Welding Procedure Specification) based on the welding work conditions guaranteed by the PQR (Welding Work Method Confirmation Test Record). We also perform weld repair and PT (penetrant testing) according to JPI-8R-16-2014.
    * JPI(The Japan Petroleum Institute)

  5. Business05
    Bolt Fir Removal

    We can quickly respond to such problems as bolts that are stuck or broken. (Unified / Whitworth) Screw installation is also possible. Other breakage of carbide drills and taps can also be processed by EDM.

    [ Bolt Fir Removal Video ]

  6. Business06
    Machine Tool Rental

    We rent special machines that are not readily available when you want them.

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