EST Co.,Ltd.

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Our Business

We provide the highest quality products,
through our experience and technologies of plant maintenance.

Est Co., Ltd. develops, sells and welds measuring instruments and other equipment which are indispensable for plant maintenance and servicing in a wide range of industries, such as energy, chemicals, and shipbuilding, Our strength lies in the know-how we have accumulated over the years by solving a variety of difficult problems.
As a good partner for our customers', we continue to challenge what is considered impossible and responding to their requests with "highest quality".


We can make new proposals.

  • 01. Responsiveness

    Through our experience in maintenance and servicing, we have an extensive knowledge of the equipment. We can flexibly respond to any projects and any problems.

  • 02. Safety

    We are constantly improving our knowledge and we will provide reliable and safe services to our customers'. If there is an emergency, the immediate technical support will be provided.

  • 03. Idea

    With our knowledge, technical capabilities and fresh ideas, We are able to make practical suggestions for any needs.